Executive Search

When you have a position open, getting the perfect candidate to fill it is everything.

At Dermer Consulting, we understand just how crucial finding the right person is. We come from the corporate world and have significant management experience. We understand what makes for a strong executive, manager and employee.

We work as an extension of your company – we’ll first research your needs, your corporate culture, and your ideal candidate profile. Then we utilize our expertise and vast network of contacts to find and present you with an ideal match – one that fits with your company, and will contribute to your growth.

In addition, Dermer Consulting remains up-to-date in terms of modern corporate mores, changing workplaces and culture, and technological advances. We consider staying current as a vital component of our “Fit Your Corporate Culture” methodology, and feel this helps us stand out even more.

The Dermer Consulting Difference: The Right Candidate – in the Right Company.

Quick point – notice something about the above…

We didn’t say “The right candidate in the right position” (like many would expect an executive search firm to say). Instead, we said “in the right company.

And in a nutshell, that’s what sets us apart. At Dermer Consulting, we don’t simply fill  positions. We instead match the right people to the right companies, and make sure that qualifications and personality both are a  fit. It makes a difference, especially in the global business environment that defines modern businesses.

In the end, we take our commitment to you – our client – very seriously. We have excellent, verifiable references, available upon request;  and we guarantee our results. If you are serious about finding a top flight candidate, call Dermer Consulting today at 514.927.4089