Job Search Advising

Job Search Advising

A  job search can be a very lonely experience. Most head hunters work on commission and rely on volume, meaning they need to move from placement to placement and candidate to candidate, quickly. Who is going to look out for you? At Dermer Consulting, we will act as your advisor and the ones who are there for you throughout your search.

We will:

  • pro-actively keep you up to date on the market
  • make sure your CV reflects who you are and what you offer
  • review your cover letters
  • prepare you for your interviews
  • talk through the pros/cons of a potential opportunity
  • coach you on answering tough questions

How would this differ from working with a head hunter? You will almost certainly end up working with the head hunter that is doing the placement on your new position. However, you will likely be working with several head hunters during the course of your search, and ultimately nobody is taking the lead. You have to take the lead. This is fine if you are comfortable doing it, but most prefer to have an experienced advisor by their side.

At Dermer Consulting, we will take the lead. We are good at it and we will make a difference.
We invite you to call us to discuss.