SMBs (Small-Medium Businesses)


We work with SMBs who have small HR teams (or no HR team at all), specifically with recruiting, hiring and retention practices. While we don’t do the recruiting for you, we ensure you have the right processes in place to get the right people on board and to keep them. Most businesses still recruit, hire and retain using traditional business practices which do not reflect today’s market realities.

Dermer Consulting understands SMBs and, more importantly, their budgets. We offer services on an ‘as needed basis’, or on an ongoing basis.

Services include;

  • Job descriptions that are VERY pointed and will attract the right candidates, versus the ones that don’t fit the businesses needs
  • Interfacing with agencies to ensure they understand, for each position, which candidates to submit, freeing up valuable time for the HR and Hiring Manager
  • Screening candidates, whether they come through agencies, social media or elsewhere
  • Working with business owners and managers to align retention expectations per position and per the realities of the job market

Dermer Consulting has deep experience in these areas and can make SMBs recruiting, hiring and retention work a little easier, by  offering senior expertise at a cost the business can afford.