Why is “corporate culture” fit important?

A candidate whose personal values and personality match your company’s own is far more likely to succeed. This sounds a bit obvious, but it really isn’t. That’s because on a basic level, almost anyone will seem like a good match (for example: everyone says they “work well with a team”. But the fact is, everyone doesn’t work well with every team, and it takes some digging to uncover that.)

We do the homework required to define your corporate culture, and what type of personality will fit well with what you are doing. This doesn’t mean you get a lock-step “yes” person, though. Nobody wants that in an executive. But you will get someone who isn’t going to make the wrong kind of noise for your company’s ears.

What are your rates?

Our rates are simple.

Flat fee.

Why? We are typically an extension of an HR department and contacted when there is a ‘hard to fill’ position. We make it easy and affordable to engage with us.

What areas do you serve?

We are located in Montreal, Canada, but we work throughout North America. Our contacts and associates are numerous, and span every state and province in the US and Canada.


Nobody can possibly know everyone. So do you outsource if you need to?

We have a variety of trusted contacts and relationships in many industries. For example, we’re highly experienced (and have many contacts in) IT, Retail, Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Human Resources. For other areas, such as Finance and Accounting,  we may call upon the knowledge of those who know it a little better than we do. Regardless, this is completely transparent to you, our client. We spearhead everything, and remain in front (and accountable) at all times.

Thank you for answering that question honestly. It’s refreshing.

You’re welcome. We never shy away from the tough questions – that’s not our style. We pride ourselves on being transparent and for offering the service our client needs.

The executives you mentor… do they sometimes get placed?

Not as a rule. If they are the perfect fit, then of course they would (we’d be doing everyone a disservice if we took anyone completely off the table). But that’s not the focus, or the goal, of our mentoring service. Mentoring someone does NOT mean we will look to place them.

Does Lori mentor recent grads as well as executives?

Yes, Lori mentors both. The only qualifying trait is candidates need to aspire to grow, regardless of what it is they will be doing. It is a candidate’s own initiative that makes the mentoring program worthwhile.

Does a Job Search Advisor find my new position?

No, your Job Search Advisor is who you bounce potential positions and search ideas off of. Together you will look at both tactical and strategic steps for you to achieve your goals. For example, there is a great opportunity in a sector you have no experience in. Should you apply? What are the downsides of applying for a position that is the wrong fit if it is a dream job? You will work with your Job Search Advisor to answer these and other relevant questions.

What is the difference between a Professional Mentor and a Job Search Advisor?

A mentor relationship is an ongoing, long-lasting one. A job Search Advisor works with you temporarily during your job search.