Employers – Hire People Who Know How To Get Things Done

Regardless of the position you are hiring, you will see that people who know how to get things done are not going to let you down. People who have a ‘let’s do this’ attitude are going to deliver. Look for it in the hiring process – when you ask candidates how others would describe their personality,… Read More →

Hiring Managers – If The Position Is Open Too Long, Revise the Requirements

I meet with Hiring Managers who describe the person they want to hire. They describe someone who has experience in exactly what they do and who could add value the minute they walk in the door. In some cases, it works. In the majority of cases though, it does not. Let’s face it – most… Read More →

The Employers Retracted The Offer

Not once, but twice in the past year, I saw employers pull job offers from candidates. Ouch. Why? In both cases, the candidates  played hard ball while negotiating their compensation and the employer did not like what they were seeing. I am sure this has happened many times, but I had never seen it before. While… Read More →

Yes You CAN! Please Don’t Tell Me What You Can’t Do

Candidates like to tell  me what they cannot do. I hear it all the time; Lori: “Do you speak French” Candidate: (cue the apologetic tone) “…well, I am not fluent and my written is weak….I prefer an English environment” Lori: “Do you speak French today in your job and do you communicate in French through… Read More →

Write The Right Job Description

Take a look at the job descriptions your business is posting.  Are they interesting? Would someone who is not actively looking for a job possibly submit their candidacy? Some businesses have awesome job descriptions. Most have dull job descriptions.  Why? We know we want to attract the best candidates. We know we want to be perceived as… Read More →

Hire Resources On A “Tour OF Duty”. It Is A Win/Win. The End.

The market tells us (IN FACT IT IS SCREAMING AT US) that anyone you hire will stay somewhere around 2-3 years (there will be exceptions, of course). Regardless of the years of seniority or level. If you are still fighting this, I urge you to reconsider your stance and to recognize why it isn’t a… Read More →

Who Are You Hiring?

Here are the positions we have been working on recently; CIO Senior VP of IT VP of Finance Director of Finance VP of Human Resources Director of Human Resources VP of Services Project Manager Executive Assistant Inside Sales Sales QA Specialist Assistant Controller General Consulting In addition to recruiting, we are helping business incorporate PERFORMANCE BASED… Read More →

The Long Commute

Recently, as a guest on CJAD’s Gang of Four, we discussed people’s commute to work. Given I am a stickler for ‘fit’ as it pertains to candidates and positions, the commute is one of those things I consider when looking at a candidate’s potential fit for a position. If a candidate lives too far, I… Read More →

Should You Apply For The Position?

Sometimes you read a job posting and think “I can do that”.  In most cases, you are probably right. However, if you don’t have the experience required, it is nearly impossible that a hiring manager will consider your candidacy.  We receive resumes on an ongoing basis, from candidates who do not have the appropriate qualifications… Read More →