About Dermer Consulting

Located in Montreal, Canada, Dermer Consulting offers services related to attracting the finest talent and delivering outstanding customer experience.

With over 25 years in the corporate world, Dermer Consulting brings a unique take on both talent and the customer experience, two areas we are passionate about and with which they have a long track record of success.

In simple terms, Dermer Consulting believes that building your best team is essential to your success. By extension, using your top notch team to deliver a superb customer experience puts you in the driver’s seat in the quest to guarantee success day in and day out, for your valuable customer.

The philosophy behind this has been culled from 20+  years of senior-level corporate experience. Company principal Lori Dermer explains it best:

“Over my corporate career, I have learned that staying current is key to delivering ongoing value to a business. With that, the changes we have seen in hiring and retention over the past several years are real yet many businesses have not been able to adjust, making the whole process very frustrating. On top of that, technology coupled with social media have made the demands on the customer experience front very tough.  How businesses manage these pieces of their operations can make or break their success and impact the ultimate value of the business . Let’s face it, all business want to hire the best and believe the customer comes first, but the fact is, it is not easy to achieve and businesses don’t have the time or resources to fix it. So when I started Dermer Consulting, I knew right away that we would focus on BOTH getting the right people and how to deliver the best customer experience. And that has been the right decision, as we’ve realized nothing but unqualified success with our mandates.”

Who Dermer Consulting works with

We work with SMB (small and medium sized businesses) all over North America. We source resources for senior management , IT, Operations, Sales, Marketing and Human Resources. Businesses come to us because our reach is far, our net is wide, and our reputation for trust and honesty is second to none. Businesses that use us once tend to use us again and again. We also work with businesses to up their game on the customer experience.


Principal History

LORI DERMER is a graduate of McGill University, and has over 20 years of senior-level corporate experience with large, respected companies.

A well-known problem solver with a meticulous eye for talent, and passion for customer experience, Lori’s people skills are also legendary, as evidenced by her esteemed standing with a vast network of senior executives throughout North America and beyond. Lori also successfully mentors senior level executives.

In plain terms, if you are looking to enhance your hiring  success or improving what your customer thinks of you, Lori is the person you need. Contact Lori