About Dermer Consulting

Located in Montreal, Canada, Dermer Consulting is a Career Services firm offering recruiting that places a primary focus on the importance of cultural fit between an employer and a candidate.

In simple terms, we believe that while experience and credentials are a definite requirement for any position being filled, finding someone who is the right fit for the individual company’s environment is a critical (yet often overlooked) element of success.

The philosophy behind this methodology has been culled from 20+  years of senior-level corporate experience. Company principal Lori Dermer explains it best:

“Over my corporate career, I realized that skillset and background are not necessarily the biggest indicators of success when it comes to hiring senior level management. Instead, how they fit into the corporate culture is paramount. Because let’s face it, at the senior executive level, almost every candidate will have impressive credentials. What every candidate won’t have is the right personality. So when I started Dermer Consulting, I knew right away that we would focus on BOTH credentials and corporate-culture fit. And that has been the right decision, as we’ve realized nothing but unqualified success with our hires.”

In addition, Dermer Consulting offers professional mentoring and job search advising services.

Who Dermer Consulting works with

We work with SMB (small and medium sized businesses) all over North America. Our primary focus is placing senior management in IT, Operations, Sales, Marketing and Human Resources. We do NOT find positions for people – we find people for positions. Companies come to us because our reach is far, our net is wide, and our reputation for trust and honesty is second to none. Companies that use us once tend to use us again and again.

We also work with senior managers looking to develop an ongoing mentoring relationship and ones who want to work with a job search advisor

Principal History

LORI DERMER is a graduate of McGill University, and has more than 20 years of senior-level corporate experience with large, respected companies (including Tier 1 retailer Pier One Imports and STS Systems/NSB Group [Epicor], a global provider of advanced IT solutions.)

A well-known problem solver with a meticulous eye for talent, Lori’s people skills are also legendary, as evidenced by her esteemed standing with a vast network of senior executives throughout North America and beyond. Lori also successfully mentors senior level executives.

In plain terms, if you are looking for the right executive, mentor or job search advisor, Lori is the person you need. Contact Lori